Namma Veedu Real Estate ( No Rental Dealing now! Focused on Purchase and Sales 2024 Update

Namma Veedu Real Estate: Focused on Purchase and Sales

 No Rental Dealing now! Focused on Purchase and Sales 2024 Update  While Namma Veedu Real Estate has a strong reputation in the Chennai market, it appears their services currently focus on property purchase and sales rather than residential rentals.

Here’s a message you can use to clarify this to potential clients:

Thank you for your interest in Namma Veedu Real Estate! We specialize in assisting clients with buying and selling properties in Chennai and surrounding areas. Currently, we don’t handle residential rentals. However, we can recommend some reputable real estate agencies (Pleas Find Online )that can help you find your perfect rental property.

Here are some additional points you can consider including:

  • Highlight your areas of expertise: Briefly mention the types of properties you deal in (plots, apartments, independent houses etc.)
  • Offer alternative solutions: If you have any partner agencies or recommendations for rental agents, you can provide those details.
  • Maintain a positive and helpful tone: Even though you can’t assist with rentals directly, you can still project a professional and service-oriented image.

By providing this information, you can manage expectations and potentially build a positive rapport with potential clients for future needs.

No Rental Dealing now! Focused on Purchase and Sales 2024 UpdateRental Dealing

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